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Recent Matters

We have recently represented the clients identified below in the following matters, which are representative of the matters we handle:

Government Investigations

  • Nancy Wiener in a pending Criminal Complaint regarding alleged stolen property issues
  • Hobby Lobby, Inc. in civil settlement with US Department of Justice regarding the importation of ancient art
  • Target of a New York State criminal sales tax investigation regarding the purchase of high-value artwork


  • Beierwaltes v. Directorate General of Antiquities of the Lebanese Republic and the District Attorney of New York County, S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
    • Represented US collectors in complaint for declaratory judgment against the Republic of Lebanon filed in US District Court for the Southern District of New York to clear title to an Archaic Greek Bull’s Head and a related “turnover” proceeding by DANY for restitution in NY Supreme Court
  • Application of Mark Salz, as Limited Administrator of the Estate of Sam Salz, for Turnover of Property Withheld from the Estate, Surrogate’s Court for the State of New York, County of New York
    • Representation of MGM Resorts International, Mirage Resorts, Inc. and Bellagio LLC in connection with dismissal of claims by Mark Salz for turnover of proceeds from auction sale of Renoir’s La Balayeuse
  • Galerie Salios, GMBH v. Frank Kaminski dba Kaminski Auctioneers, The Orosco Family Trust, and James Orosco, S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
    • Representation of Galerie Salis in connection with a dispute over the authenticity of a Giacometti table purchase at auction
  • John Eskenazi, Ltd. v. Maitreya Inc., S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
    • Representation of British art dealer John Eskenazi who filed suit against NY-based Asian art dealer Nayef Homsi and his corporation, Maitreya Inc. alleging breach of warranty, fraud, civil conspiracy, and unjust enrichment and demanding $80,000 in damages arising from Eskenazi’s 2013 purchase from Maitreya of a 9th-c. Indian statue of the god Bhairava which the Department of Homeland Security alleged was stolen from an Indian temple. The Manhattan DA filed a forfeiture action against Maitreya, alleging that it knew that the Bhairava and other statutes which it sold were stolen.

Extraordinary Transactions

  • Purchaser of $30 million Impressionist painting by negotiated private sale
  • Representation of Artvest LLC in connection with formation of joint venture to sponsor TEFAF Art Fairs at the Park Avenue Armory
  • Representation of Paddle8 in the sale of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin…” as a work of art

Ordinary Course Transactions

  • Major American museum purchase of a $5M contemporary painting
  • Commercial advice to a major online auctioneer
  • Commercial advice to a marketing firm for artists
  • Seller of an important ethnographic art collection
  • Seller in private treaty sale/consignment of a $10M contemporary painting
  • Seller in private treaty sale of a $500,000 contemporary painting
  • Buyer of a group of important Egyptian antiquities
  • Buyer of a $4.5M antiquity
  • Dealer in sale of mid-six figure painting and mid-seven figure sculpture
  • Museum purchase of important American Indian objects
  • Estate of artist in consignment of $12M mixed lots to Christie’s
  • US buyer of $5M Old Master Painting
  • US art adviser in acquisition of $25M painting by major UK museum
  • Foreign consignor of $5M ancient coins to Swiss auction house
  • UK dealer in proposed sale of $4M tribal art to major US museum
  • US collector in loan of painting to Danish museum
  • Special counsel to art and collectibles fund
  • Review art market disclosure in private offering documents
  • Boutique fashion company on the international trade and marketing of high-end fashion accessories
  • Seller in the sale of a $1M Egyptian antiquity to a major US museum
  • Collector on the OFAC rules on import of works containing rubies from Burma
  • Collector on the purchase of a $300,000 old master painting from a UK gallery
  • Major American museum sale of a $5M painting


  • Dealer in settlement of claims arising out of the sale of a $1M painting sourced from Glafira Rosales and wrongly authenticated
  • Dealer in connection with claims relating to works stolen from Jasper Johns
  • Estate in connection with a stolen $1M Renaissance manuscript
  • Purchaser in connection with a stolen $1M Renaissance manuscript
  • Owner in connection with demand for return of rare manuscript acquired by public institution after a defective foreclosure sale
  • Dealer in demand by foreign government for return of a $1M sculpture
  • Dealer in demand by US museum for rescission of sale of a rare SE Asian sculpture
  • UK dealer in repurchase and repatriation of $1M Asian objects
  • Swiss coin dealer in contested forfeiture of ancient coins
  • Recovered $4M of rare works of art after seizure by US Fish and Wildlife
  • Recovered Egyptian antiquities after detention by US Customs and Border Protection
  • Recovered Ghandaran antiquities after seizure by US Customs and Border Protection
  • Recovered Egyptian coins and antiquities after seizure by US Customs and Border Protection